With the resurgence of live chat in past years, many online company owners have begun to wonder, “Should I have it too?” Is it not enough to have standard phone and email support channels for customer service?”

Why chat support services are in demand?

The majority of new goods and services are created to fill in holes in current tools and solutions. Live Chat is no exception, having entered the digital market as a way to give a business owner. 

  • Our Chat support services eliminate the chances of uncertainty in email communication and discomfort during the phone channel.
  • Live chat brings out the benefits of both email and phone communication by improving interactivity and convenience.
  • Live chat is an efficient customer analysis that does the tracking.

Fecoms is one of the best live chat outsourcing companies that provide high-quality live chat solutions to online sellers at a very low cost.

Here are a few reasons to think about it.

Improved Interactivity

Your eCommerce webpage is the most important location for customers to learn about your brand and the benefits of your business. As a result, it is critical to engage website visitors and build a relationship with them by personalizing, remembering, and gratifying their experience.

At this juncture, our live chat comes in handy since it allows you to stimulate conversation in a variety of ways, from presenting a visible and appealing live chat graphic to welcoming people on your webpage with active chat to providing customized assistance.

Increased sales

If you are an online seller, use our chat support services on your eCommerce store to enhance your sales.

Our tool can significantly speed up the sales process while retaining outstanding consumer service, by giving immediate response to consumers, reducing cart abandoning rates, and increasing conversions through upselling and cross-selling.

Higher ROI and better control

Our live chat operators extend service to multiple clients at once and copy-paste prepared responses in live chat gives them more room to multitask, which improves your company’s overall operational efficiency and maximizes return on investment. The cost of our live chat session is a fraction of the cost of a phone call.

Improved targeting with market research

Live chat support is more than establishing real-time communication with your consumers. It offers thorough analysis and monitoring of consumer visits, their browsing history on your page, the time they stayed on your page. At Fecoms we collect data during live chats to improve the consumer experience in the future. Our chat operators conduct a market survey and collect feedback through questionnaires, forms, etc. which will optimize your business growth.

Improved consumer support and brand loyalty

Our live chat support aims at improving the consumer experience on your website with efficient consumer services. Prompt responses, troubleshooting consumer issues, and giving timely assistance during purchase or returns, all these elements in place helps in increasing consumer satisfaction and attach brand loyalty among consumers.

Takeaway words

These are a few essential factors to consider when deciding whether your company needs a live chat service in addition to the standard phone and email support options. The greatest approach for figuring things out is, as usual, experimentation. As a result, Fecoms recommend giving it a shot to evaluate if it works into your business strategy and provides real value.

However, if you are all excited to start this soon, we are one of those few live chat outsourcing companies whose live chat operators are experts in their fields and do thorough research before going live.

Let’s chat so that we can understand your business requirements better and you can test us in practice.