Website live chat can be seen as a vital link in the customer service chain that helps a company to engage with customers who go beyond simply answering questions or addressing issues. Live chat serves as an advertising channel that strengthens loyalty if used strategically.

Aside from that, the live chat support service will increase your website conversions by actively engaging visitors. Around the same time, it would reduce the current bounce rate, allowing the company to better meet its target audience.

If you use the strategies mentioned below, live chat will quickly become your top sales platform.

  1. Direct visitors to the appropriate department

Our chat support outsourcing services will increase your sales productivity by directing visitors to the appropriate department. It will assist: 

  • Visitors get immediate responses to their questions.
  • Visitors make a decision more quickly.
  • Owing to an inconsistent chat delivery, the operator avoids burnout.
  • Operators open up bandwidth to respond to related chats more quickly.
  1. Monitor timesheet during a live chat

Monitoring our chat operators’ timesheets is another way to increase the quality of their sales. We keep an eye on it.

  • The number of days in a month that they have been engaged.
  • The amount of time they’ve spent on the job.
  • Every operator’s utilization percentage (percentage of active time out of overall login time)
  1. Provide solutions at any time and in any place 

Monitoring your operators’ success or linking them to the correct visitor is not the extent of our attempts to boost sales quality. Fecoms is an experienced live chat provider that ensures that its live chat sales operator never loses out on sales-qualified leads for your business.

  1. Mobile friendly live chat

Your sales reps will use a sensitive live chat app to:

  • Reach out to visitors and even start a conversation right away. 
  • Keep an eye on the visitors’ browsing habits to have options. 
  • To reduce reaction time, manage frequent guests, and use canned replies. 
  • Supervise and intervene in a chat to assist visitors in making a quicker decision.

Outsource Fecoms live chat support services, and you will be able to stop losing out on revenue chances and increase the conversion rates.

  1. Place the Live Chat Widget in Strategic Locations

Other live chat providers might give you an idea of using a live chat option on your home page seems to be a good idea. But keep in mind it that isn’t the only page your guests might end up on.

However, we place a live chat option on sites that are more likely to convert, such as checkout pages, which will aid in the optimization of the sales funnel.

On such a page we add chat triggers or automated chat greetings that appear when certain browsing behavior parameters are met.

  1. Understand customer needs well

Under our chat support services, we integrate the CRM (customer relationship management) tool with your live chat platform. It will automatically store your customer information, buying choices, and chat transcripts. In the future, when the customer returns to your website, the live chat operator may use this information to have a greater understanding of the customer’s preferences and tastes and can even initiate a productive conversation.


Any enterprise that uses live chat for transactions reaps several benefits. It boosts customer loyalty thereby, shortening the sale period and increasing sales and conversion rates. All of these great things, though, can only occur if you can react quickly, be constructive, and take a tailored approach.

An all-in-one consumer engagement platform is also important for maintaining a successful sales process and cross-departmental cooperation. With our chat support outsourcing services, you won’t only have a happy customer, but you will be able to automate the sales process perfectly.